AROW Global is an industry leader in transit window systems.

We specialize in the design and production of transit window systems for major North American bus, transit, and recreational vehicle manufacturers. Since 1965, our mission has been to develop innovative solutions for our customers, including transit bus companies, transit authorities, and transit unions. Within the industry, AROW Global is known for unparalleled moisture management solutions in our transit window products.

Continuing our commitment to product innovation and vehicle safety, AROW Global has entered the driver protection market with innovative custom driver protection systems. As with all of our product lines, we bring best-in-class design expertise, product innovation, comprehensive product support, and custom engineered solutions.

Storm-Tite Flush Transit Window

Our Storm-Tite Flush Window Series is a transit window with an exterior comprised entirely of tempered safety glass or polycarbonate; the windows do not include the use of painted metal panels that are susceptible to fading from environmental exposure.

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Evolution Framed Transit Window

Our Evolution Framed Window Series is a transit window that is fully framed, this window is offered in both quick change/rapid replacement glazing and standard glazing configurations.

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ArowGuard Driver Protection Shield

The ArowGuard – Driver Protection System was created in response to an increase in bus driver assaults. The system uses a bus driver barrier to protect transit bus drivers as a key part of an overall transit bus driver safety strategy.

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Transit Window Glazing Options

AROW Global offers four different types of glazing: acrylic glazing, laminated safety glass, polycarbonate glazing, and tempered glass.

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