ArowGuard - Driver Protection Systems

Arowguard Driver Protection Systems

The ArowGuard – Driver Protection System is AROW Global’s latest product offering, and was created in response to the increase in bus driver assaults throughout North America. Working in conjunction with the transit authority, bus manufacturer and transit union AROW Global works to develop a custom-engineered driver barrier specific to their needs. The bus driver barrier can be installed on existing mass transit bus fleets, or can be built to satisfy the specific OEM requirement on new mass transit bus builds.

ArowGuard Product Overview

Watch this video to learn more about our ArowGuard designs, and how our team will work with you to develop a customized solution.

Click here to read about the Amalgamated Transit Union’s latest campaign against driver assaults. 


Product Design


Configuration Options


  • Select from an existing configuration or custom design for a specific application and vehicle platform.
  • Built-to-print or reverse engineer systems.
  • Full driver surrounds or partial shields.
  • Multiple configuration features are available to permit stowing door assembly or having a lower door assembly with a fixed, clear shield.
  • Proprietary easy open/close rotary slam latch system designed for long-term rattle free use and durability.
  • System design assures adherence to ADA regulations without obstructing passenger flow.

Brochure and Product Specifications


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Coast Mountain Bus Company (Translink) –  Vancouver, BC

SunTran – Tucson, AZ

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) tests driver shields

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